Texas is home to several species of bed bugs, all of which are capable of causing significant discomfort and damage to homes, businesses, and other buildings. The most common types of bed bugs in the Lone Star State include:

  1. American Bed Bug

The American Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius) isfound throughout the United States. This species tends to feed on human blood and can cause itchy welts in people who have been bitten. This type of bed bug Texas is more active at night and can often be found hiding within mattresses, box springs, furniture crevices, headboards, and wallpaper. They are typically reddish-brown with a flattened oval body about the size of an apple seed.

  1. Tropical Bed Bug

Unlike its American cousin, the Tropical Bed Bug (Cimex hemipterus) prefers birds or bats as their hosts instead of humans. They are usually found living in cracks or crevices near their host’s nesting areas in warmer climates such as Houston or Corpus Christi. These insects are typically larger than American bed bugs and can be identified by their reddish-brown color along with white spots on their wings.

  1. Western Conifer Seed Bug

The Western Conifer Seed Bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis) is native to western North America but has become established in some parts of Texas as well – particularly amongst trees and shrubs growing near residences. Western conifer seed bugs feed on conifer seeds primarily but may also bite humans if they feel threatened or provoked. They are usually light brown with a shield-shaped body that has three distinct black marks along the edges.

  1. Masked Hunter

Although not technically a bed bug, the Masked Hunter (Reduvius personatus) may still find its way into your home if you live in certain areas of Texas – namely Austin or San Antonio. Masked hunters feed primarily on other insects such as houseflies or cockroaches but will sometimes bite humans if provoked enough or simply out of curiosity. These creatures have a flattened oval shape that is dark yellowish-brown in color with darker mottled stripes across their bodies for camouflage purposes.

The Bottom Line

All four types of bed bugs found in Texas require diligent pest control efforts to eradicate from homes and buildings since they can reproduce quickly and spread rapidly throughout an area if left unchecked. It’s important for property owners to seek professional help from Frisco pest control immediately when noticing any signs of an infestation such as small rust-colored spots on sheets or mattresses caused by the bugs’ excrement or seeing the actual insects themselves crawling around during the daytime hours – both indications that there may be a severe outbreak underway requiring strong chemical treatments to fully eliminate them from an area once and for all.

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