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Why Trust our Pest Control Services

Nowadays, there are some pest control companies out there that offer unrealistically quick solutions that sounds too good to be true. No need for toxic chemicals and high-risk choices when we offer safe, reputable treatments for all pests and in a much quicker timeframe. Pest Hunters Pest Control Abilene TX is here for you and your family!

Pest Control Man with Mask Spraying for Pests

Our Knowledge About Pest Species

We strive to improve our standards in all areas of our service: pest control, pest prevention, and our employees. By guaranteeing satisfaction, we want to keep our customers coming back every year.

Mosquitoes? Bed Bugs? Cockroaches? Termites? Ants? Spiders? Rats?

In Texas, there are pests of all types, but our Pest Control Experts are always available to deal with your pest problems. Whether you have an issue with bugs, rodents, or spiders, we can take care of it.

Call 254-396-0869 (West Central Texas) to learn more about why to trust our pest control services.

Texas Service Areas

Pest Hunters service the counties of Somervell, Hood, Erath, Johnson, Tarrant, Brown, Coleman, Comanche, Taylor, Eastland, McCulloch, Mills, Concho, Runnels, Tom Green, San Saba, Hamilton, and Bosque.

North Texas Pond Management

We have expanded our services to North Texas (Collin, Grayson, and surrounding counties) and added Pond/Stock tank management services. Including getting rid of cattails, algae, and other unwanted plants growing in and or around your water sources.

Call us at 214-843-4770 (North Texas) to see what we can do for you!

Pest Control Abilene TX FAQs

Pest Detection Process

Our technicians perform inspections, take care of emergency situations, and even carry out regular pest control to rid your home of unwanted creatures. With the expertise we have gained over the years, we take care of the pests quickly and effectively. Build the trust you need with your pest control services with our company today!

Home Pest Control Abilene TX

Pest Hunters Pest Control is the best option for pest control in the Abilene, TX area and beyond. We use advanced methods to eradicate your pests and use safety precautions that limit the exposure to your family and yourself. Check out our General Pest Control Services.

Commercial Pest Control Abilene TX

At Pest Hunters quality pest control, we provide professional, tailored services for your home, office and property. While insects are the most common pests that need our attention, we are also service providers for a variety of wildlife found in Texas.

What You Get

At Pest Hunters, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality pest control services. From our pest control pros to our pest control techniques and materials, we are dedicated to a service to you that exceeds all industries. Call us today for a free quote if you want complete peace of mind when you move into your new home or business!

How To Get Your House Free From Bugs

It is well noted by pest control experts that a good pest control company can stop a pest infestation. There are many factors that can contribute to the effectiveness of a company. One significant factor is the company’s knowledge about the pest infestation. You need to be sure that the pest control company has the ability to provide you service and know what the infestation is. A pest-ridden home is a big headache, and it can be uncomfortable to be away from home.

Effective and Affordable

Pest Hunters is dedicated to eliminating your pest problems in the most cost-effective and least intrusive way possible. We work with reputable companies to ensure that the pesticides we use on your property are safe, approved, and tested. We provide personalized service tailored to fit your pest control needs. Our technicians are trained to identify and contact pests, so they can take control of their populations before they get out of hand.

What Do We Do?

At Pest Hunters, we provide a wide range of services for your household and commercial pest control needs. We offer personalized service, for each customer, for those who want quality service and want to get the most out of their services.


Highly effective and affordable. We use the first-rate solutions on the market to provide the best pest control you can find. Why hire us? Prevention is key.

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