Bed Bugs Texas

For decades, Bed Bug Texas had become mythical creatures in Texas. With decreased pesticide effectiveness and much more common interstate and international travel, Bed Bugs have made a big comeback. What had become a storybook pest has now returned to human life, more threatening than ever. Several Texas metropolitan areas are now highly ranked on the list of U.S. cities most infested by Bed Bugs. 
Bed Bugs are tiny, wingless insects with flat, round bodies. Because of their tiny size, they are able to hide away from sight until they are ready to feed on victims. They are able to go for long periods of time (up to several months) between feedings, and so they remain hidden almost all of the time.
Bed Bug Texas travel into homes, hotels, other businesses on the normal luggage and clothing we carry whenever we travel. Cleanliness is no defense to bed bug infestation. Even the cleanest home or hotel room is subject to invasion by Bed Bugs riding in on personal bags and clothing. Personal hygiene is also no defense to bed bug attacks. Bed Bug in Texas feed exclusively on human and animal blood and dirt and human food do not attract Bed Bug Texas.
Even when an infestation is heavy, Bed Bugs are hard to spot, as they typically only come out to feed at night when their victims are asleep. They are able to effectively hide away in mattresses, box springs, clothes, linens, and other household items. When Bed Bugs find a safe place to hide away near victims to feed upon, they reproduce quickly.
Bed Bugs are hazardous to your family’s health. They feed on any exposed human skin and may bite several times in one feeding until fully engorged with blood. Their bites cause painful, itchy rashes and a variety of allergic reactions. While their bite areas look much like other types of insect bites (for example, chiggers and mosquitoes), they can take days after an attack to appear. While people might mistake bed bug bites for other insect bites, they typically cause longer-lasting and more severe symptoms than other insect bites.
In addition to the danger to your family’s physical health, Bed Bugs cause significant stress and anxiety, sleep deprivation, and other emotional injuries. The damage that Bed Bug Texas cause to a family’s well-being or a business’ reputation cannot be understated.
If a home or business becomes infested with Bed Bugs, extermination and removal can be a difficult process. Home remedies and over-the-counter pesticides are not effective against today’s Bed Bugs. In order to get rid of Bed Bugs and keep them away, you will need professional expertise, advice, and equipment. Professional bed bug control also involves the latest safe and effective pesticides designed for these pests, which you will only find available through professional treatment.
Bed Bugs have made a big return to day-to-day life in Central Texas. Protect your family and your home, business, employees, and customers from Bed Bug infestation by contacting Pest Hunters Pest Control Services in McKinney today for more information and a quote.

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