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Everything in Texas is bigger and better but, in some instances, they are scarier, more venomous and deadlier. Beware the Scolopendra Heros, which is known by its more common name, the Texas Giant Centipede. This monster checks in at over 6 inches long. With all those legs they have amazing speed to track down whatever they are chasing. They are also known to be aggressive towards people. This amazing insect is a natural predator feasting on insects and believe it or not, bats, small birds and snakes. Centipede fossils have dated back over 400 million years, and their venom has evolved as such. The venom of a centipede has evolved into 61 different groups. They are highly venomous, so much that a bite is enough to send you to the hospital, as they cause severe swelling, chills, and weakness, in addition to the intense pain.
When it comes to more venomous, there is a king among the scorpions in the United States and they now have a home in Texas. The Arizona Bark Scorpion is the most venomous scorpion in the US. The sting of an Arizona Bark Scorpion has many effects. “Your eyes can roll everywhere. You have no control over your arms or your legs. It can affect your blood and heart rate. It can affect your ability to breathe, and sometimes patients have to be put on a ventilator because of that,” said Dr. Sal Baeza, the director of the West Texas Regional Poison Center. What makes this animal equally scary is that it is the only scorpion that does not burrow for a home. They have the ability to climb and can scale walls and make it into your home.
There have been 11 different species of Kissing Bugs documented in the US. Texas has one of the highest infestations both in diversity of species and number of bugs. Studies have found that 50% of Kissing Bugs are infected with the Chagas parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi. Kissing Bugs can transmit the parasite to hosts by biting and subsequently defecating near the site of the bite. The parasites live in the digestive tract of the bugs and are shed in the bug feces. In less serious cases, Chagas Disease is hard to diagnose because the symptoms are the same as many common illnesses, like fever, diarrhea and fatigue. In cases that become chronic, and up to 30% of them do, serious heart ailments will occur.
So how do you combat the baddest Santa Anna has to offer? Call Pest Hunters today for general pest control, and we will come out and take care of all dangers lurking in and around your home or business. High quality pest control should be a priority for both residential and commercial property owners. Maintaining the value of your business reputation or home protection from Texas cockroaches, termites in Texas or Texas spiders is of the utmost priority. 

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