If you were to draw a line from the four corners of the Lone Star State you’d find the center point in Coleman County, in the town of Santa Anna. History runs deep in this part of the Southwest with the namesakes of both the town and the county itself dating back to the Texas Rebellion in 1836.
A rebellion of a different sort continues today in the humid, sub-tropical climate surrounding Santa Anna. The unique combination of climate and geography creates an environment friendly to growing just about anything. From truck crops, to peppers and even citrus, the climate is grower friendly. It is also a haven for natures most annoying, and sometimes dangerous pests, the mosquito. Texas is home to 85 different species of mosquitoes and Coleman County is home to many of them.
The West Nile virus has been reported in the area with an actual infestation just a few miles south in Mason County.
Legendary American author F. Scott Fitzgerald had thoughts on this lowly pest long ago in his short story titled “On Booze.” “It is astonishing how much worse one mosquito can be than a swarm. A swarm can be prepared against, but one mosquito takes on a personality—a hatefulness, a sinister quality of the struggle to the death.”
The lone mosquito can take on the qualities of a tiny, winged terrorist but it is the swarm, and more specifically the breeding areas of the swarms that create problems. The lakes, ponds, streams and rivers of Coleman County are a haven for fishermen. The same water that brings bass, sunfish, bluegill and catfish to the skilled angler also brings mosquitoes to area patios on warm summer nights.
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