The man standing besides the elevator looks at the disheveled Ghost Buster crew and asks, “What are you supposed to be, some kind of cosmonaut?”
“No, we’re exterminators, somebody saw a cockroach up on 12,” Peter Venkman replies.
“That’s some cockroach,” the man says.
“Bite your head off man,” replies Venkman.
It might be a bit of comical science fiction but the cockroach is a pest that causes shudders in the most stalwart people.

Cockroaches in Texas

There are 38 distinct species of cockroaches found in Texas and four major species of roaches common across the state. Each of them requires a unique method of control and extermination.
The German Cockroach is the most common roach encounter in the nether regions of your home, but the Brown-Banded Cockroach, the American Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach have been discovered far and wide in the Lone Star State.
That can of roach spray you just bought at the discount store is no match for a creature that predates the dinosaur and has been not only surviving but thriving for over 300,000,000 years. It takes a professional to identify and attack this bane of the cupboard, baseboard and closet.

Professional Cockroach Removal in Texas

In Coleman County, that professional is easy to find at Pest Hunters in Santa Anna, Texas.
Veteran exterminator, Bobby Pritchard, owner of Pest Hunters has safe solutions to mitigating cockroaches in your home and on your property. Safe, proven methods that don’t put children, pets or the elderly at risk while getting rid of a pest that universally horrifies people across the world.
The cockroach is a survivor. Scientists regard it as the ultimate organism when it comes to exposure to nuclear radiation. Radiation that would kill nearly every other organism on the planet doesn’t have that effect on this pesky pest. Cockroaches are often featured in apocalyptic films, often growing to monstrous sizes as they destroy cities and wreak havoc on the countryside. The real roach that infests homes, barns and buildings, isn’t going to throw over a bus, but it spreads filth, disease and is perhaps the most difficult pest to permanently eradicate from a dwelling. Pest Hunters has the expertise it takes to not only exterminate these pests, but to investigate their origin, find their hidden lairs and break the reproductive cycle.
Amateur exterminators with a can of bug spray, some roach bait or home remedies found on the internet don’t solve the problem. In some cases, they exacerbate the situation and make it worse than it originally was. You won’t worry about prolonging or making the problem worse after you speak with us at Pest Hunters. Investigate, mitigate and eradicate is the only proven process that gets the cockroach and its ability to breed out of your home. Finding and destroying the eggs is a process for professionals as well. A single female German cockroach lays 50 eggs a day, and those 50 offspring, when mature are able to lay eggs in 103 days. Extrapolate 3.5 generations of roaches in a single year and that female can produce 78,000 offspring in an annual cycle. 
Don’t go it alone against one of nature’s ultimate survivors. Call in the pros at Pest Hunters!

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