Everyone loves animals. They are adorable, cuddly, make excellent companions, and have even been known to save lives. However, when a wild animal invades your home, that feeling of joy is swiftly replaced by fear. Certain species of wild animals are destructive, noisy, disease carriers and can be a threat to humans. They display complete disregard of any personal boundaries. 
They invade your home by seeking food and a place to sleep, often destroying anything that gets in their way. Texas is home to 142 different species of wild animals, including some that are extremely rare today. They can enter your home purposefully by crawling their way through unsecured areas like a doggy door or unintentionally through an open door or window. While it’s easy for them to get in, getting them out is extremely difficult, and even dangerous without professional wildlife control and removal in Santa Anna, Texas. 
While many of the 142 species of Wildlife in Texas can invade your home, certain species are more known for commonly entering man-made spaces. 
Squirrels While squirrels aren’t terrifying per se, they can definitely cause damage in your home. They are known for using the insulation of your home to build a nest. They leave their droppings inside walls, which compromises the value of your home and your health. They also gnaw on wires and any home structure that gets in their way, leading to property damage. There have been reports of house fires caused by exposed wiring.
Skunks These nocturnal animals are attracted to spaces that have trash or any type of food left outdoors. They love establishing homes under porches or in garages. While they can’t fit into the compact spaces other rodents can, they’ll make do with any space that gives them access to the outdoor food supply. 
Raccoons This animal is a little more difficult to spot. They don’t often select a specific area for shelter but tend to choose areas with open space where they can make their home. Raccoons take shelter both indoors and outdoors. They’ll create entry points to your home that cause damage to its structure. Moreover, they are a danger to both humans and pets. 
Birds Even though birds are beautiful song makers, they cause severe damage to properties. They invest time to search around homes looking for anything they can use to make a nest. While looking for supplies they tear areas around your property apart. Birds are known for producing nests in quiet attics and under porch roofs, leaving their droppings all around. Bird droppings often contain parasites, viruses, and very harmful bacteria for both humans and pets. 
Whether you have a raccoon in your chimney, a squirrel loose in the attic or a skunk spraying under your porch, prevention is key, and at Pest Hunters, we are experts. While working with us, we will capture and remove the animals from your space quickly and efficiently. We are experienced in the proper handling to prevent the spread of harmful diseases and know when to take precautionary steps during high-risk situations. For example, when babies are involved the parents can quickly become aggressive to protect their young, making it important to use the right techniques to avoid injury. You don’t have to let these pests take over your home. Call us today and we will work out the best treatment plan to get your wildlife under control now and take back your home. 

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