Fire Ants are one of Santa Anna, Texas meanest pests. Within a colony of ants there are many ants all typically even in size. The body color of the ants may vary, but the Fire Ant species will have a mix of red colored ants within the colony. Their unique color makes them easier to identify. Looking for Carpenter Ants Control in Texas? Our professional team offers effective solutions to eliminate carpenter ant infestations. With years of experience, we provide targeted treatments tailored to your needs. Don’t let carpenter ants damage your property.
 Fire Ants are actually an invasive species and not native to Texas at all. Instead, they arrived in Texas making it their new home roughly 60 years ago. They have been wreaking havoc ever since. The Fire Ant has proven to be a very resilient pest over the years, hardly responding to the majority of removal methods. They have terrorized livestock and a variety of other species since their arrival.  
Fire Ants build structures out of sand and loose dirt called mounds. These mounds are their home, and they work as a colony to stabilize their environment and provide food for its members. They are scavengers and will venture outside of the mound, only returning when they have acquired food for the group. This means places that serve outdoor food can be popular sites for this aggressive pest. 
They build their mounds where ever they can find soft soil, which is why they are attracted to residential and business lawns that are well taken care of. These little critters are vicious when they are disturbed, so if you have this pest in your lawn be sure to avoid it and call the professionals at Pest Hunters right away.
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When bothered, a colony of Fire Ants will antagonistically attack the culprit. They will climb upright surfaces, such as a person’s legs, and bite and sting as a unit. This can leave someone with severe, painful, injuries. The bite of a Fire Ant typically leaves a boil on one’s skin. The boils will be white in color and can vary in size from small to larger. Getting bitten by Fire Ants may require a trip to your local medical center. 
Carpenter ants Texas can be mistaken with other ants on occasion. The other ants native to Texas are Harvester Ants and Leafcutter Ants. The Harvester Ant is much larger than the Fire Ant. Their mounds are easily distinguishable because they create a large single hole in the ground to enter and exit from. The Leafcutter Ant, like the Harvester Ant, is much larger than a Fire Ant. They make a very distinguishing mound that is built-up in a thick pile with multiple holes throughout. Their mounds are referred to as a “town”. While, these ants are not as harmful to a person as Fire Ants, they still are a common yard pest that will destroy grass and ruin plants.
Whether you are a business local to the Santa Anna, Texas area or a homeowner struggling with an ant problem Pest Hunters can help! Call us today for professional pest removal & carpenter ants control services in Texas. 

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